Trade Agreement Supplement

The agreement also contains new provisions to limit labour abuse in Mexico, which the Times says is due to pressure from Democrats who now control the U.S. House of Representatives and without the support of which the treaty could not enter into force. The new agreement amends the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that President Trump disparaged during his election campaign. The 2082-page pact adds new laws on intellectual property protection, the internet, investment rules, the treatment of state-owned enterprises and monetary rules. The Natural Products Association has sent a note to its members on the fact that the new pact, called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), has specific mentions of dietary supplements ingredients. According to the NPA, the U.S. whey powder quota will increase to 689 MT in the first year of the agreement; in the second year 1,378; 2,068 for the third year; the fourth 2.757; then 3,446 in the fifth year and 4,135 MT in the sixth year. Import quotas for certain U.S. whey powders will be eliminated until the 10th year. In 2003, the Central Government of China signed the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and the Macao Special Administrative Region Government. Supplements I, II, III, IV, V and VI were signed in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The EPA is a successful application of the One Country, Two Systems principle, a new path for institutional cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao and an important step in economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao. It is a free trade agreement signed by the central government with the various customs territories of Hong Kong and Macao and the first fully implemented free trade agreement in mainland China. “This is a good deal for small businesses, which make up the majority of our industry, and for the millions of consumers who use dietary supplements daily to support their healthy lifestyles. We applaud the Trump administration for this agreement and look forward to finding more ways to grow the economy and create jobs together,” said Daniel Fabricant, President and CEO of NPA, PhD. According to the NPA, the new pact will also facilitate some aspects of the supply of ingredients. A product will now be able to have up to 10% of its components from countries other than the United States, Mexico or Canada, while still benefiting from the trade agreement. This is a 7% NAFTA circumstance. . . . The information survey communication has already been published on June 27, 2019 in the federal registry at 84 FR 30758, allowing a public observation time of 60 days.

USCIS received a comment regarding the 60-day message. . (7) Estimate of the total public office (in costs) related to the survey: the estimated total annual cost of this collection of information is USD 70,681,290.

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