Biodiversity Conservation Trust Conservation Agreement

Over the next five years, between 2019 and 2020, the NSW government has allocated more than $350 million to BCT funding for the implementation of its private land conservation programs. This investment is guided by the investment strategy for biodiversity protection 2018. A conservation agreement is an agreement between the Australian Minister of the Environment and another person for the protection and preservation of biodiversity in a land or sea area. A conservation agreement may include a declaration that measures under Part 9 of the 1999 EpBC Act should not be approved. Australia`s environment minister will keep an updated list of existing conservation agreements. A U.S.-based non-profit organization that protects some of the world`s most important natural resources Vital Financial support to Maasai Berger, the most effective lions conservation in Africa, protects more than 1 million hectares of municipal pastures The offer of fixed prices open to biodiversity is a new approach that aims to offer participants a simple and direct opportunity to sell loans to the BCT. BCT has partnered with Landcare NSW to fund local conservation projects. Peet Southern JV Conservation Agreement (PDF – 1.4 MB) | (DOCX – 108.57 KB) Eligible landowners in three separate regions are invited to enter into conservation agreements with annual payments. Conservation Agreement for the protection and conservation of Quassia bidwillii on Lot 500 Maggs Hill Road, Kawungan, Queensland (PDF – 1.6 MB) | (DOCX – 379.73 KB) The Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) is a non-profit organization legally created under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and began operations on August 25, 2017. The BCT`s mission is to maximize biodiversity conservation outcomes by encouraging landowners to enter into conservation agreements for biodiversity management and protection. Landowners in the Sydney Hunter area generally have two opportunities to enter into agreements for biodiversity conservation on their land: voluntary conservation agreements and biodiversity conservation agreements. From lifestyle blocks to farms and conservation, you can stock up on biodiversity conservation with a BCT Revolving Fund.

Spreadsover Biodiversityship Agreements (BSA) are voluntary agreements between the BCT and a landowner to protect and sustainably manage an area in order to improve their biodiversity values by providing credits to biodiversity for sale. BSAs are not suitable for all landowners, but are an option for landowners with “plant community types” or habitats that need to be torn off elsewhere for development and that need to be compensated.

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