Reciprocal Licence Exchange Agreement With Ontario

The process depends on the experience you have. In all cases, their driver`s licence has not expired or must have expired less than a year ago. Swap your driver`s license from another country for an Alberta licence or get an international driver`s license. If this information is not included, it may delay the processing of your license exchange. For more information on the requirements, please visit the DriveTest website. Canadians who work temporarily in Alberta can use your provincial licence if you continue to live more than 6 months a year in your home province. If you are visiting Alberta with a valid driver`s licence (equal to or greater than a Class 5) from your national jurisdiction, you can drive a standard car in Alberta for up to 1 year. If you have a driver`s license from one of these countries with a licence swap, you can take advantage of this privilege. The various driver`s licenses are: B-driving licence, motorcycle licence (all types), AL Motorcycle light licence (125 cm3), MOTORized AT tricycle or four-wheel drive license, A or B driver`s license for vehicles driven by disabled people, C heavy vehicle licence, D public transport licence and E trailer licence. Keep in mind that your driver`s license has 12 points that can be lost after misdemeanors.

For more information, please contact the prefecture of your department. No matter where you immigrate to the world, if you have driving experience, the Ontario government has made it easier for you to access your full licence faster than going through the process from the beginning. Be sure to do your research to find out what exchanges or credits you are entitled to and what documents you need to provide to finalize your application. Good luck! The authentication letter is proof of experience and must come from the same region in which you obtained your foreign license. The letter must come from the official header and be dated within 6 months of your application by an embassy, consulate or Office of the High Commissioner representing the legal authority of your home region. It must also be translated into English or French (see below). Motorists who obtained their driver`s licence less than 3 years ago must adhere to stricter speed limits: 110 km/h on motorways, 80 km/h on most other roads and the maximum amount of alcohol allowed by law is 0.2 g/l of blood. (or 0.10 mg/l of air). For a three-year trial period, you only have 6 points on your driver`s license. During the trial period, an additional 2 points are added to your driver`s licence each year, i.e. if you do not commit offences resulting in a loss of points.

Motorists who have had a driver`s licence for at least 3 years must meet normal speed limits: 130 km/h on motorways, 80 km/h on most other roads and the maximum allowable amount of alcohol is 0.5 g/l of blood.

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