Voluntary Agreement Dpa

1. A proponent wishing to develop a voluntary agreement submits a document proposing the agreement to the Attorney General and the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The proposal contains explanations of the purpose of the agreement; the actual basis of the finding in Dpa 708 (c) (1); The proposed participants in the agreement; and any coordination with other federal authorities in connection with the proposal. (9) participate in the voluntary allocation of critical health resources by participants at the national level; 2. The proponent of a voluntary agreement implements each agreement and voluntary agreement and makes them available to the public for consultation and reproduction of the scope of article 332.5 of this part. The only voluntary agreements currently established by the DPA are agreements managed by the Department of Transportation, which aim to ensure that the marine industry can meet rapid mobilization, response and transportation requirements when DOD requires it. For these programs, volunteer participants in the marine industry are invited to participate each year. Historically, the voluntary agreement has also been used to allow companies to cooperate in the production of weapons, for example with regard to production processes or the standardization of design specifications. A separate commitment from participants to invite and approve participation in an action plan. The completion of the action plan gives the participant responsibility, in accordance with the commitments set out in the action plan, and provides participants with protection from cartels and abuse of dominance for actions taken in accordance with this action plan, as outlined in Section IV below. A pandemic can be conditions that directly threaten the U.S.

national defence or its preparedness programs, so that, in accordance with Section 708 (c) (1) of the DPA, an agreement to coordinate, plan and cooperate in the production and distribution of personal protective equipment (EPI), medicines and other critical health resources is required for national defence.

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