Drone Rental Agreement

At the end of the rental period, the late fees are due to the one-day rental price for the equipment, as published on the lessor`s websites, sometimes the number of days late. The late days will continue until the renter returns the equipment, as verified by the shipping courier tracking system. As an option, the tenant can acquire additional rental days and keep the equipment for longer periods, as long as the lessor`s authorization is requested and payment has been received before the end of the initial rental period and before the beginning of the extended rental period. The tenant must immediately inform the landlord if the tenant cannot return the device after the expiration of the rental period. Any equipment rental that is more than 7 days late without prior notice or agreement of the tenant with the lessor is deemed late and is charged with criminal theft of property with the maximum qualification allowed by the criminal theft law. Their receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not mean either the acceptance of the tenant`s order by the lessor or the confirmation of the lessor`s rental offer. The lessor reserves the right to accept or refuse the tenant`s order at any time after receipt of the tenant`s order or, for any reason, to deliver less than the quantity of an item ordered by the tenant. By activating the “Place Order” button, you authorize the lessor to obtain an identity/age and background check before accepting the order at any time before your complete service under this rental contract. Additional requirements: The lessor reserves the right to request an insurance certificate or a full deposit for each order and for any reason.

The certificate of insurance must Rental.com IPG, list LLC as the beneficiary of the losses, and cover the replacement value of the leased equipment. The lessor is not obliged to reimburse unused days if the equipment is returned by the tenant earlier than the last day of its rental period, including, but not limited to, damage caused to the appliances during use by the tenant, modification of the tenant`s plans, bad weather that affects the tenant`s plans, or the lessor who, for any reason, demands the immediate return of the equipment, etc. Prior to the return/return of the equipment, the renter must immediately inform the lessor of the damage to the equipment or the unsatisfactory performance of the equipment and provide a written statement about such damage or irregularities and about the events and conditions during the time, including, but not limited to, flight conditions, winds and bad weather at that time and any other relevant information. If the equipment is damaged and the tenant does not inform the owner of the damage and makes a written declaration before the return, the lessor may require the tenant to pay additional shipping costs related to sending the equipment to the place desired by the lessor for repair. The lessee must, at the request of the lessor, immediately return the rented equipment if he has to find such damage or irregularity. The lessor is not obliged to reimburse or compensate if such damage and returns occur before the end of the equipment rental period. KWIPPED`s suppliers are ready to create customized offers for your drone rental. The duration of the rental is fixed on the rental order. For pickup, the tenant is responsible for arriving at the owner`s site at the beginning of the rental at least 30 minutes before the landlord closes. For shipped rentals, the duration of the rental begins with the first delivery attempt by the shipping courier, as indicated by the shipping courier to the delivery address of the tenant indicated in the order. The renter is responsible for being available to obtain the rented equipment or pick up the equipment at the place of delivery if necessary. The lessor reserves the right to retain all rental and shipping costs and other related costs for each rental booked by the tenant that the lessor sends to the address indicated by the tenant, for which the tenant is not available or is not willing to receive or pick up the package from the place of delivery.

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