Final Agreements Yukon

While the Umbrella Final Agreement provides a framework within which each of the fourteen Yukon First Nations will enter into a final claims settlement agreement, all UFA provisions are part of any First Nation Final Agreement (FNFA). The final agreements contain the entire text of Umbrella`s final agreement, with the addition of specific provisions applicable to each First Nation. Yukon Country Claims refers to the process of negotiating and settling Aboriginal agreements for fonal claims in Yukon, Canada, between First Nations and the federal government. Based on historical occupation and use, First Nations claim fundamental rights to all lands. Any land rights agreement is also accompanied by a self-management agreement that gives First Nations the right to legislate in a number of areas. These agreements give First Nations the power to control and direct their own affairs and outline a First Nation`s ability to assume responsibility for providing programs or services to its citizens. [8] The First Nation`s final agreements include the legal agreements between the three parties, the federal government, the Government of Yukon and the First Nation. These agreements are protected by the Constitution and can only be amended with the agreement of the three parties. They are often referred to as “modern contracts.” The FNFA contains all the provisions of umbrella`s final agreement, with the addition of “specific provisions” applicable to each First Nation. Final agreements designate settlement areas and address economic, wildlife, land and resource management issues, and other issues such as inheritance.

The umbrella final agreement (UFA) was concluded in 1988 and was completed in 1990. This is the general “roof” agreement of the Yukon Country Claims Package and provides for the general agreement reached by the three parties in a number of areas. Although the agreement is not a legal document, it is a “political” agreement between the three parties. Umbrella`s final agreement contains several main themes that will go from all the remaining topics. These include the earth (Ch. . . .

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