Full And Final Settlement Agreement Template

2.1 Between the date of this Agreement and the date of termination, the Employer shall pay the workers the basic salary, subject to normal deductions for taxes and workers` social security contributions. Subject to the signature of this Agreement by the worker and his representative, the employer shall, by completing Annex 1 to this Agreement, pay the final payment of wages and the allowances referred to in clause 2.2 within 28 days of receipt of this agreement, duly signed by the worker and his representative, or within twenty-eight days from the date of termination, regardless of the date of termination. The employer shall make available to the worker a P45 form within 28 days of the date of termination. 1.2 The employer shall enter into this contract and make the payment referred to in clause 2 of this agreement, without the employer incuring any liability. (h) Upon receipt of a request for a reference for the worker, the employer shall provide, on behalf of the worker, a reference in the terms of the agreed reference annexed to Annex 2 to this Agreement. Unless otherwise asked by the employee, this is the only written reference provided and each oral reference is in accordance with the terms of the agreed written reference. The reference will be part of the transaction agreement. However, the debtor must make full payment until ________(date of payment). Failure to pay on the scheduled date results in the termination of the contract, which allows the creditor to benefit from the full payment. 2.3 Payment of termination is subject to the employee`s agreement under clause 7 below and compliance with the guarantees set out in clauses 8 and 9 below. 3.1 The employer shall not give any guarantee or assurance as to the legality of the payment of social security contributions, which are subject to income or worker tax, with regard to payments made under this Agreement.

(g) in the event that the worker, in breach of clause 7 of this Agreement, asserts, in respect of her employment or termination of employment, her employer or senior officers, employees, representatives or members, whether before the Labour Courts, the High Court or other parties, except to assert her rights under this Agreement; The worker agrees that the payments she received under the agreement will be fully reflected in the agreement. If a settlement agreement has been offered to you and you need an objective lawyer to verify and countersign the document, Monaco Solicitors can help you wherever you reside in the UK. The law requires that all such agreements be countersigned by an independent consultant, usually a lawyer or barrister. Before signing the document, we will thoroughly check all the conditions and fine print of the document to ensure that the offer and other conditions are fair.. . . .

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