Significato Di Partnership Agreement

They may not know it, but companies can enter into a partnership contract with each other, also known as a partnership in Italy. By this word or, in any case, by partnership contract, we mean cooperation between different actors for the same purpose. An objective that may be territorial development or that may have an economic or social character. In addition, the word partnership also implies cooperation between a limited number of people to run a business. Professionals, just like companies, can therefore “come together” to set up networks allowing them to practice the profession. A partnership is therefore, as I have already said, a cooperation between two companies, regardless of their size or how long they are on the market, who want to carry out joint projects or complement each other. It is necessary to distinguish between two different types of partnerships: some differences from the franchise are that a partnership is a very flexible aggregation and there is not even a sum (the so-called entrance fee or regular fees). Among the most frequent forms of partnership or partnership are services. This is due to the fact that the sale of products leads to a more complex organization in terms of logistics and distribution of goods, and the creation of an efficient and widespread distribution network is physically sold. These include the written agreement, the fixing of a duration and the definition of the activities consisting in carrying out, transforming, maintaining and managing a work in exchange for its availability or economic use or the provision of a service related to the work. The fact that they become corporate partners and thus be able to participate in tenders to be entrusted with private contracts and orders is one of the innovations introduced by the Jobs Act for the self-employed.

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