Social Media Partnership Agreement With Your Name On It

13.10 Independent Contractors. Solution Partner and Hootsuite are independent contractors and nothing in this agreement creates a partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, salesperson or employment relationship between Solution Partner and Hootsuite. Each Party understands that it does not have the authority to make or accept offers or obtain assurances on behalf of the other Party. Neither party may make any statement that would be contrary to anything in this section. With regard to the information partnership and media accreditation: 4.1 Training. Hootsuite offers Solutions Partner training at Hootsuite University. If the Solution Partner requests additional training, details of the training program are provided in the attached schedules. All training is provided free of charge by Hootsuite to the Solution Partner, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, as set out in the applicable schedule. 1.7 “EULA” means Hootsuite`s End User License Agreement or the terms and conditions of access and use of the Services by Customers that are maintained and updated from time to time by Hootsuite. A copy of the current version of the EUSA on the effective date is appended to Appendix C. “Workstation”, a single subscription linked to a single connection to the Hootsuite platform and assigned by the customer to an authorized user.

6.2 Examination Fees. Subject to the confidentiality obligations set forth in this Agreement, Solution Partner agrees that Hootsuite has the right to verify Solution Partner`s processes to ensure that the quality of services provided by Solution Partner is at least equivalent to that of services offered by Hootsuite to its own customers. Hootsuite`s audit rights include: (i) the right to verify the templates of messages sent by the solution partner to potential customers and up-to-date, in order to assess the quality of responses and propose appropriate changes to such communications in good faith; (ii) the right to send questionnaires to customers registered by the solution partner; to determine if the solution partner offers an adequate level of service. Such an audit shall be carried out during normal business hours, on a date agreed for both parties and after appropriate prior notice. All audit costs are the responsibility of Hootsuite. If Hootsuite`s audit shows that the services provided by Solution Partner are not at least equivalent to those provided by Hootsuite to its own customers, Hootsuite will notify solution partner of the results of such audit. Solution Partner has the option to resolve quality issues within 30 (30) business days of such notification. At the end of this period, Hootsuite will re-evaluate in good faith the quality of the services provided by The Solution Partner and determine whether the quality issues described in the audit have been resolved by the Solution Partner. If Hootsuite discovers, in its discretion, that the quality issues have not been resolved by Solution Partner, Hootsuite has the right to terminate this Agreement in accordance with Section 9.1. 9.4 Impact on the Customer.

The parties acknowledge and agree that solutions partner offers customers fixed-term services that may exceed the duration or termination of this Agreement. In order to ensure that the customer can continue to receive the services for the duration of any compliant order, the duration of this contract can nevertheless be considered extended (if necessary) on the basis of the customer (if necessary) and at the same time as the duration of any valid compliant order. . . .

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