Usda Eab Compliance Agreement

Much of Maine) speak to Stephen Lavallee, national director of plant health for NH and VT at 802-369-3208 or No no. The compliance agreement confirms the person`s or company`s understanding of the methods, conditions and procedures necessary to comply with the quarantine rules. If you receive a compliance agreement, you confirm that you have knowledge of the EAB quarantine and that you have the technical capacity to meet the manufacturing specifications of a product processed into ash and hardwood firewood (see below for the definition of the processed product). The agreement will be issued after a visit to your facility by a USDA inspector. It is renewed every year. Once you have the compliance contract, create a verifiable paper trail by filling out and keeping each shipment with them: the goal of a compliance agreement is to fully enforce a person or company with the applicable requirements for handling regulated items. What do I need to bring ash wood products to Maine, except firewood? Are there any rules about the time of year I can ship regulated materials? Routine inspections by officials must be carried out prior to the sale of treated regulated articles or when a malfunction or modification of the installation system warrants a certification inspection. .

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