Is life a game? Should life be a game? Is it fun to play the game of life?
I play the game of painting. I turned a board game into a painting game, a puzzle.

The game of dominos is known worldwide. Depending on your circle, it is taken quiteseriously or enjoyed as entertainment. It may be about top rate competition for cash ormay be about a pleasurable escape. In any case, we can all picture the ivory tiles with theblack spots that match up and turn corners to make a geometric pattern on a table, ortiles standing on end in close proximity in a row ready to land on each other in an instant.

For me, I turned the game of dominos into a painting game or a kind of puzzle.
Enchanted with the picturesque Caribbean scenes of the tables with people (mostly men)spending some hours, day or night, under a tree, a tent, a streetlight, stars, sun or moon.I wanted to show this scene, but not just so. But how? For my strategy (as there is muchof it in the game of dominos) I painted a large canvas as a domino tile to start. I paintedeach double square canvas with a different number of black spots from the standard set of 28 dominos; a three/two or four/four or blank/five including the line down the centerdividing the tile in two squares. Now….the fun begins, as I imagine the players in differentsettings, I arrange the composition to become a domino story. The spots become heads,hats, coconuts, chairs, lights and flying saucers. Tables lean, players slam, arms raise,women watch, dark falls, wind blows, kids laugh…anything may happen as the perspectivewraps its way around the spots and lines. This depicts what is most assuredly a livelygame here in Anguilla and throughout the Caribbean.

I cannot say that the game of life is always fun, but playing the domino painting puzzle isa blast for me! Maybe I should try to incorporate this mindset into my daily routine oflife….confident that there is always a solution!