Why “Paint paint.”

Dreams are compounded out of the primal matter of the unconscious and the prosaic events of life…this is what Freud believed. With this in mind, when my dream told me to “Paint paint” I interpreted it to mean that the prime essence of what I do (paint) & what I am (artist) is, indeed, the paint itself, as I could not ʻbeʼ what I do & what I am without it. Therefore, I had no other choice but to use the paint as the subject as well as the substance of my creation.
Use the medium as the art, as the still life, as the composition of objects.

Since I could not do & be without paint, it occurs to me that much of the world and its population could not do & be without paint. Of course, people may think that they do not ʻneedʼ paint to survive as one ʻneedsʼ food or shelter. But how would the world look without it….monochromatic, dull, sad? Paint is cheery, it gives a lift. And it does not have to be a colorful color. What about white? Does a newly painted white wall not feel and look fresh and brilliant? Plus, we love nature and in the end all the pigment in the paint colors come from natural sources, so we are also replenishing our surroundings.

An homage to paint. A tribute to the substance that brings variety and visual enhancement to our lives whether it be an intriguing fine art painting, a vibrant interior wall accent color, a spiffy automobile color, a handsome building shade, a convincing billboard palette. The merit of paint and color surrounds us and enhances our daily lives.

Now, what I see in my paint muses, my reliable models, is a quality of sensuousness that I cannot wait to……yes, paint!! The curves, the grooves, the shine, the texture, the highlights, the attitudes, the twists, the weight, the positions, the interactions. Not only do I want to capture this on canvas, I want to mold, touch, caress, eat, grab these yummy blobs. Pure paint has a life of its own that captivates and takes on animated characteristics.

Back to the basics, a sign of the times. This is the fashion and necessity of our current era and hopefully a lesson we have learned recently. The ʻhavesʼ have a choice, the ʻhave notsʼ, not so much. I also see the theme of “Paint paint.” as a message to contemplate and appreciate the basics that we have and I try to always keep this in mind. I realize that the basics are the most important things to cherish and one of my basics is that I am fortunate to paint, which I love to do. So be it, the privilege to “Paint paint.”