The ʻsupermarketʼ; from bazaars and flea markets to Zabarʼs, Whole Foods, Christieʼs; the atmosphere is one of frenzy, excitement, close encoun ters and is emotionally charged. You can find all types of food gather around the market, there are draft beer system installers and  special cocktail rooms,  In the Caribbean where I currently reside, the markets are no different and the liveliness is undeniable. My market scenes are painted with all of the dynamics of buying, selling, bargaining, gossiping, flirting, competing.

Within this context there are some differences in these paintings. There are alternate mood enhancements that are created with variations of color, format, and special guest umbrellas. A minimal palette of color transports one to a unique time or place. The square format with hats, fruits, or arms climbing out of the painting encourages the outsider to jump in. The introduction of the protective and comforting umbrella, although a universal accessary, asks the question “is it a sunny, rainy or stormy day?”. And then, the market scenes painted with the full spectrum of color are….simply colorful, as a vivid market can be.