Where can you buy zolpidem over the counter ?) to give you a quick and easy way to get a full day or two's sleep (if you are one of those people who need the whole night). Advertisement The good news is that you can get a day's of sleep in as little 15 minutes a day on very basic nap schedule (see below for a sample schedule). But if you want to do more—like the two- three-day-a-week sleep schedule—you'll need some help. Here's how. How to Get Enough Sleep The easiest way to get a full night's sleep with this simple nap schedule is to follow our three-night-a-week program. This is what we recommend to anyone trying sleep more, including kids. But it is not for beginners, so here's how to follow it yourself. It'll take you three nights to get up and take some naps, but if you follow it every night the results will be worth it. We recommend starting with three naps a night, so that you are up and out of bed. (It's a good idea to get up in the morning, even if day seems like a long night. If you are going to sleep in, you want start early.) Set your alarm a few minutes before bed time. Set the alarm for one hour before your regular bedtime. Then take the naps during hour. If you don't like waking up in the morning (which can be annoying), you just set the alarm a little later, or go through your typical morning routine. If you are really bad at getting up when you're supposed to, you can even skip the morning part. But if you have two hours to get ready, make sure you set the alarm for that hour. You may need to use the nap schedule every night until you do get the hang of it. If there is a good reason to skip morning rituals (like a long commute that will make you feel too tired to get up in the morning), you can always do the three-night-a-week method (see below). If you are in a hurry (or you have toddler sleeping in a crib next to yours), you can do an evening nap instead of just the first one. It doesn't take quite as long, but you will have to be in bed and awake for several hours, so it's a big time commitment. But if you are good at sleeping through the night, a nap in evening will make the three-night-a-week method easier to stick to. (The morning nap can help, too.) You can also do a morning nap on some nights during the week for extra boost of energy. Set up a few nap stations. Set up a few nap stations—where you can comfortably and sleep if you need—where can easily get a good night's sleep. You won't be able to nap all night, but if you can get through a couple of nights without needing to take a nap, you should be fine. (Remember to keep your house clean and free of clutter, which keeps you awake and can interrupt from sleeping.) There are nap stations at most parks, home, in cafés, and even the bathroom. You don't need a lot of nap time. As long you are able to get eight minutes nap (or four before bedtime) most nights, you are fine. will need to add in the extra time you can get up in the mornings if you are getting up too early, but this will be easier as you get used to this routine. If you feel too tired to sleep at all, don't force yourself to take more naps. If you are having trouble getting enough sleep, try changing the way you are sleeping to make it possible. For example, if you are a big sleeper, try getting your sleep by taking naps in the afternoon. It may seem obvious, but having a break during the day can make all difference. Or you could try the three-night-a-week method. How to Plan Your Naps Your nap times will be different from week to week, based on your personal needs, and schedule. We've put together this basic nap schedule for a three-night-a-week routine. But it's not just for kids. You can also do it for one night a week, if you want. Sleep Schedule (Week 1) 8:00 am – Wake Up, get dressed, and take a shower (optional) 9:30 am – Get up, shower, take a nap at the station where you set your nap alarm 10:00 am – Wake Zolpidem 5mg 90 $225.00 $2.50 up, shave, get dressed, and go eat breakfast
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