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“Then of course there is the ingenious work of Bernbaum’s domino series, something that is dimenished when put into words”
The New Art House, D.L. Adams Talks About Art  (Absolutely Anguilla, 2009)

“She draws from the geometric fragments at the heart of nature, and then transposes surfaces and volumes to her paintings. A dose of personal fantasy and Lynne Bernbaum’s sober, refined, yet somewhat mischievous style, asserts itself, in an accomplished work. Her point of departure remains Caribbean, the evidence of a more intimate aesthetic search, which plays on the dichotomy between a rigorously graphic style and impish detail which crowns this harmonious puzzle.”
Claude Cavallera, (Caribbean ART, 2007)

“Anguilla has a number of talented resident artists from around the world. One of the best is American Lynne Bernbaum, whose George Hill studio features her bold images…”
Sherry Marker/New York Times, (Frommer’s 2009)

“Lynne Bernbaum has an innate faculty of observation and a visible sense of humor. The slices of life depicted with talent in her work are filled with judiciousness and humanism. After the ‘umbrellas’ and the ‘markets’ dressed with modest elegance in monochromatism, the ‘dominoes’ are a joyous explosion of color and zest for life under the Tropics.
You want to be part of the game and arrange her paintings in varying patterns on your wall surfaces. Even the shape of her canvases is an invitation to do so, as each is a rectangle equal to two side by side squares.”
The Art of Playing, Patrick Poive de la Fréta (Discover, St.Martin, F.W.I.2006)

“Immediately obvious to anyone confronted with her art are her expert manipulation of perspective and the important role played by geometric shapes in her paintings.”
“Similarly, more abstract explorations look closely at the relation of objects on the canvas, relying heavily on principles of proportion and composition to create a coherent whole.”
“Wheather you identify a surreal landscape or an ironic still life when you look at her collection, one thing is certain-you won’t find anything comparable this side of the Caribbean”
In the Hot Seat ‘La Joie de Peintre’, Montague Kobbe (The Daily Herald, St.Maarten 2009)

“..(LB)can motion us to seek a new emotional reality without falling into suppositions…”
“It is here, in this journey through contrasts, where the sensations surface and manifest themselves, where the senses select and derive the emotion from the sphere which later will become a testimony revealed by the particular esteem that the knowledge of the seized has awoken in every one of us.”
‘Lynne Bernbaum: memories and contrasts’, Juan Antonio Tinte (El Puntode Las Artes, Madrid 1999)

“They are fragments, portrayed in rapid and sure drawings, where we can appreciate a grand skill in the usage of a difficult technique as is watercolors, where there is no room for corrections.”
“Perhaps the most notorious characteristic of her paintings, besides her vast technical skill, is her reduction of color, through which she is able to say so much with so little.”
Teresa Fernández Pereyra (Critica de ARTE, Madrid 1999)

“Paintings where playfulness and novelty are elevated to high Art.”
“They accomplish what art intends to do….evoke a reaction and contemplation.”
Bob Bean (Filmmaker, USA  2009)

“Her paintings are extremely fine with superimposed subject, colors and Geometric forms. On her canvas: typical Caribbean market scenereies or dominoe games. The sun umbrellas or rain umbrellas are present everywhere, allowing the artist to play with shadows & lights, agame of hide and seek to which brings to her art plentiful life and also sweet serenity”.
‘Exposition: Lynne Bernbaum, Espace Athena’ (Côte du Goëlo, Quest-France, 2005)